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Summit Area residents who aim to preserve the US Constitution, the separation of powers and independent judicial system, our democratic institutions, and individual rights through peaceful and lawful methods.


To mobilize Summit Area residents to engage, speak out as one “louder” voice and take deliberate actions to honor and preserve our Constitution, our individual liberties, and our democratic stability. We aim to encourage unity through dialogue, fact-based policy making, and free and fair elections for all US citizens. We seek to be active participants in moving the United States of America towards a more perfect union. 


Maintaining the US as the beacon of democracy, through security, opportunity, and liberty for all people in the US. We maintain that respect and truth are the basis for a stable democracy.  We affirm the rule of law for all people living, working or visiting the US, and free and fair elections for all US Citizens regardless of race, creed, political affiliation, education level, or any other potential “difference” as a foundation of our Constitution. 


We stand for inclusion, human rights (women’s, LGBTQ, religious, consumer, etc.), safe public spaces, humanitarian immigration policies, public education, access to all books, an independent free press,  accessible and affordable healthcare, protection of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and the dignity of work through opportunities for all.  We acknowledge the climate crisis and work towards protecting the environment and the planet as our common home. We stand for peaceful co-existence with our neighbors and other countries around the world.  We respect and accept historical facts about our country even if some may be disturbing.


Division, authoritarianism, corruption, racism, hatred, gun violence epidemic, rising societal inequities, manufacturing and manipulation of facts to create "alternate facts" or conspiracy theories, violence, war, corporations above individuals and profits above the environmental, social and governance good.


  • Local and inclusive—from any and all affiliations (political, religious, ethnic, experiences, etc.)—as long as there is alignment with our beliefs and values

  • Will respect and listen

  • Will be well-informed

  • Will be vigilant about fact-based issues and will not propagate misinformation

  • Will be peaceful

  • Will connect with other activist groups or networks, as relevant



  • We will leverage the National Indivisible Guide, as appropriate

  • Will engage with our Congressional Leaders, our state and local leaders, as appropriate

  • Will focus on civic education through fact-based written materials and by hosting events with experts in the field

  • Will keep a pulse of the issues affecting all Americans through fact-based journalism, government based information sites and will do our best to fact-check sources prior to sharing

  • Will identify appropriate actions that are simple, direct and can be activated quickly

  • Will support, defend, and demand free and fair elections at all levels of government

  •  Will support political candidates that align with our values and beliefs

Steering Committee:
Melissa Cox
Brian Haas
Justin Khademi

Jeff Naiman
Andrea Stein
Debra Trisler

Gloria Ron-Fornes,
 founding organizer

Focus Areas:
Civil Rights
the Economy
the Environment
Foreign Policy
Free Press
Gun Laws
Our Democracy
Voting Rights/Protection
Let us know what issues you're interested in or ways we can promote engagement.

Launched April 2017, updated March 2023

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